The Best Way To Maintain A Vinyl Fence

One of the great advantages of a vinyl fence is the low maintenance costs involved.

It is probably a major reason in your decision to go vinyl.

Not for you the yearly treating with pesticide or painting and staining the damaged wood.

A vinyl fence does need maintaining however and like all things in life, a bit of tender, loving care goes a long way.

What do you need to do to maintain a vinyl fence? What extra bit of care is necessary to keep that investment looking as good as new?

The following are a few pointers for regular care of a vinyl fence.

  • Wash The Vinyl FenceRegularly
  • Remove Mildew When You See It
  • Cut Any Overhanging Branches
  • Do An Annual Inspection or Two
  • Fix Damage Immediately

Wash The Vinyl Fence Regularly

Vinyl fencing is very easy to clean.

You can run a garden hose over it and remove any dirt, leaves, and paper that accumulate on the panels.

It is a good idea to do this after a storm when a lot of loose material gets stuck on the fence.

Wash the fence at least once a season, remembering to use a stiff brush to get off the ingrained bits.

Kids like to draw on a blank white space. Use a mild laundry detergent and hot water to wipe the marker stains away.

Remove Mildew When You See It

Mildew can sort of creep up on you.

After a damp winter, you may spot patches where the panels meet the posts or underneath the rails.

This can happen a lot in places where the sun doesn’t get to at its height, or where the fence gets protection from overhanging trees and shrubs.

To get rid of the mildew dilute warm water, laundry detergent, and a mild bleach in a 12:1:1 solution.

The mildew will wipe away with a stiff cloth and it will not grow back too quickly.

Remember to rinse the rinse fence afterward with the garden hose.

Cut Any Overhanging Branches

Trees and fences go well together.

The tree can break up the blank look of a fence and the fence can give protection to the sapling when growing its strong roots.

There may come a time when the branches of the tree may threaten the fence.

Cut them back where they overhang, so when blowing in a storm the branches won’t damage the fence.

It can be a good idea also to let light into dark spots on the fence so that mildew won’t become a problem.

Only cut where necessary. You want the tree to stay looking good.

Do An Annual Inspection Or Two

Walk the land; as a property owner, it is always a good idea to have a look around now and then.

As you go along the vinyl fence give the posts a shake, to check if they are still as stable as on day one.

Carry a toolkit with you and tighten any screws or panel joins where they feel a bit loose. It is always a good idea to fix as you go, that way you won’t forget to do it later.

Do an inspection before the winter and maybe another one too as you get into the spring.

Repair the damage before it gets any worse.

Fix Damage Immediately

It cannot be stressed enough when doing fence maintenance that prompt action is vital.

Fix that broken rail or the fence post which is a bit loose in the ground.

Clean the fence once you spot the dirt and leaves gathering on the vinyl panels.

Wash away the mildew and kids’ drawings before they become permanent.

By doing the repairs immediately and you will be preventing a small problem from doing long-term damage.

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